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Home News Testing goes well in New Zealand

Testing goes well in New Zealand

Brendo and Rhianon had a successful day's testing yesterday ahead of this weekend's Rally of Whangarei.

The test road the team had planned to use was washed out but they were able to use the same test road that Dean Herridge's team were using, for which they were extremely grateful. The road was a little cut up on the sharp corners after having several four wheel drive cars driving over it all week, but the scenery and characteristics of the road were fantastic. 
Brendo is very happy with the handling of the Ford Fiesta he has leased from Kayne Barrie Motorsport for this weekend's rally.
"I've got a good feeling for the car now," he said. "It took a bit of getting used to the brakes running a booster but I worked out that I just need to brake hard once then turn in and get on the throttle hard."

"The Fiestas handle exceptionally well. They are down on power a little bit but if you just keep the momentum up, they flow really nicely. The Reiger suspension is a great aid to the handling of the car, too."
After a media appearance last night in Whangarei, Brendo and Rhianon will be out doing their recce for the event today.