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Home News Brendan's pace notes for sale

Brendan's pace notes for sale


Brendan Reeves is very experienced in writing pace notes and he is now offering his notes for sale.

Brendan uses a 1-10 system, where 1 is the slowest possible corner and a 10 is the fastest corner.
His notes are written with the number first and direction second. (Eg 3L.)


Brendan’s notes are very reliable as he sets out a system where he uses a number dial. Using a number dial means all the number calls are consistently the same.

Brendan stresses that it’s very important that you do a reconnaissance run on his notes prior to using them and make any changes you may like to the notes to suit your particular driving style.

The pace notes you buy from Brendan are his actual notes for the event and have the landmarks, distances, etc in brackets throughout the notes to help the co-driver to not fall off the notes.  Therefore, if the co-driver ever gets lost or wants to make sure they are on track, they should look for the landmarks etc to help check.  For example – house, shed, poles, gates, etc.

If you choose to use Brendan’s notes, please remember that Brendan is a highly experienced driver and likes a lot of information about the corners etc. If this information is too much for you,  you can make changes to suit your needs as a driver/co-driver.

Brendan’s pace notes are $400 and come with Brendan’s recce DVD footage, with Rhianon calling the pace notes to him. The recce DVD is provided to help you with your understanding of the stages and notes.

If you are interested in buying Brendan’s notes, please contact Rhianon on 0419 528 974 or by email