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Brendan Reeves Interview

Off in the distance, a fast closing red speck is searing already parched earth, kicking up storm clouds of dust. The speck soon gains definition - boxy, upright, winged: A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 with emblazoned on its flanks. Its tyres are clawing at the burnt orange beneath, its master making it dance on tip-toes, throwing its nose into corners on a wastegate flutter before standing on the throttle again to produce long, languid, sliding exits.

With a jab of handbrake, the Evo pulls alongside the viewing platform, its driver’s face already broken into a smile as he hears yet again the incoherent ramblings of another passenger who has just had their perceptions of fast driving altered forever. The driver, completely relaxed, climbs out, the Evo now sitting idle, its previously superheated internals now ticking cool. He pulls up a chair alongside mine, shakes my hand. “G’Day, I’m Brendo. Nice to meet you.”

Download the full interview by Adam Davis of in PDF format here