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Home News Brendo completes 3,000 km road trip

Brendo completes 3,000 km road trip


After travelling 3,000 kilometres from Darwin to Adelaide, Brendo and Geoff have completed the Global Green Challenge.

The final day of the Challenge involved a 300 kilometre 'drive' around the suburbs of Adelaide, testing fuel efficiency of the vehicles.



Brendo enjoyed the event, particularly the chance to drive through the centre of Australia and he was amazed by the scenery.

"I am so used to roads being lined with buildings or trees," Brendo said, "but out there in the Centre, there is absolutely nothing for miles!"  

"It was awesome to drive from Darwin to Adelaide.  I hadn't done that before and it really makes me appreciate the vastness of our country."

After a presentation dinner in Adelaide tonight (Saturday), Brendo will fly home before heading to Sydney for the Rally For A Cause Charity Day in Sydney next Friday.

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