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Rally Co-Driver Training


When you book into the Rally Co-driver course, Rhianon will design a course that is suited to your needs. Whether you are competing for the first time or just wanting to improve your skills, Rhianon can cater to whatever it is you require.

This course can be tailored to suit either a half day or full day course and can be done individually or with fellow co-drivers, depending on your need.  The information that follows will give you an idea of what you may like your course to involve:


  • Basic navigation
  • Route Charts, Control procedures, Timing, Marking Road Books, Linking pages, When to make calls, Co-driver responsibilities
  • Basic pace noting, Numbers systems, Grouping of calls and timing/delivery, Cautions
  • Noting for safety, Using notes provided by event organisers
  • Quality recce including planning, a recce schedule, using HD cameras to record recce, and not getting lost on transport
  • LOGS for events, team and event planning, service schedules, logistics, etc.


For more information or to book your rally co-driving course, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it